Our objective is to create equilibrium between supply of produce worldwide and meeting the demand of our customers. We have unique global and regional logistics capabilities, which we mix with high standards of risk management to increase efficiency of delivery.​

We competitively source and purchase agricultural commodities, transport them to the port of loading, load, ship, unload, break down the bulk, transport inland, and get the products delivered smoothly to end users, distributors and stockists

Eminence Worldwide Limited has its head office in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialise in the import and export of agro produce such as Apple, Cassava, Cocoa, Kola nut, Soya Beans, Mango, Peanut, Sits beans. Our strategically located offices, warehouses and processing and logistics facilities handle high volumes of produce. ​

When dealing with Eminence Worldwide our customers receive the benefit of over 8 years of experience, and a vast network of operations in 3 countries. 


Eminence Worldwide’s renowned reputation in the industry ensures that our customers receive the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We constantly adapt to customer requirements, providing them with the best experience when doing business with us.

We focus on maintaining positive relationships and creating value for our business partners.​